We help you find fre-dom in your busy week.

Fre-dom Coaching

Achieving goals made easy

Our coaches help you to use your new found time to focus on your health and well being. Tailored specifically to suit busy parents, our coaches help you stay on track and make consistent progress towards achieving your goals.

Have you ever set goals and never achieved them?

This 6 week coaching program helps set you up for success.

You are going to have some life changing results.

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Fre-dom Coaching

This 6 week package includes a personalised coaching session each week

Review The Past Weeks Results

Integrate With Elevation Program

Pre And Post Program Analysis

Did You Know

 *Based off our market research

1/3 FamIlies

Waste $100 to $200+ each week due to a lack of time to plan on last minute expense like eating out

10/10 Parents

Need more time to do what they want as all parents are time poor and all said they suffer from decision fatigue

8/10 Parents

Would focus on their personal health and well being if they had more free time

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