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Getting Fre

We help busy families create more freedom in their working week by taking care of the things you simply don't need to be doing.

We know time has always been the one element you can’t buy more of.

But that is only up until now.

We give families the opportunity to buy up to 10 hours back in their working week so they can focus more on connection, wellness and self-care when it’s needed the most.

 It’s a little concept we call getting “fre”.

You should try it some time.

Fre-dom Services

Our clever life services are designed to help busy families do the one thing they never could before.

“Buy more time” in their working week.

The below services are designed to help you get closer to being fre.

Fre-dom Food

Meal planning and grocery shopping is time consuming and mentally exhausting. Especially when catering for fussy eaters and multiple dietaries in the family. Let our fre-dom nutritionists help you create some delicious healthy meals at home or at one of our events that the whole family will enjoy. And yes, we cater to fussy junior eaters.

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Fre-dom Life Concierge

Do you find yourself constantly overwhelmed when it comes to your never-ending to-do list? Why not let us take care of it for you? Like a personal assistant for your family, we handle everyday family tasks & help you to plan ahead so you have more fre-dom to focus on the more meaningful things in life.

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Fre-dom Coaching

Our coaches can help you take your new found “fre” time and use this to focus on making meaningful change around your physical and mental health and well being. Your coach will work with you to design bespoke solutions that will result in positive change and make a significant impact to help you work toward your personal and family wellness goals.

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Fre-dom Community + Elevation Program

Our online community focuses on connecting families together who want to connect and inspire one another. If you wish to go to the next level in your fre- dom, get onboard with an elevation performance program and redesign your life with support from our experts. Time to elevate your life.

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Fre-dom Stories

fre-as-a.com users share their own feedback.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
“Love the flexibility”
We are very happy! Feeling free indeed.
Rating: 5 out of 5.
“Never felt better”
Life changing for us! Fre is the new free.
Rating: 5 out of 5.
“Excellent service”
An extra 10 hours a week is amazing!


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